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Directed by David Cronenberg
DURATION: 108 mins
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New York is in turmoil, the age of capitalism is drawing to a close end. Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson), a high finance golden boy, dives into a white limousine. while a visit from the President of the united States paralyses Manhattan, Eric Packer has one obsession: getting a haircut at his barber’s at the other end of the city. As the day goes by, chaos sets in, and he watches helplessly as his empire collapses. Also he is sure that someone is going to assassinate him. when? where? He is about to live the most decisive 24 hours of his life.

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Cast & Credits

Leading cast and crew members
Director David Cronenberg
Eric Packer Robert Pattinson
Shiner Jay Baruchel
Torval Kevin Durand
Benno Levin Paul Giamatti
Didi Fancher Juliette Binoche
Vija Kinsky Samantha Morton