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Casa de Lava

Directed by Pedro Costa
DURATION: 110 mins
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A nurse accompanies a comatose injured man back to his home on the island of Cape Verde - a virtually unhabited Portuguese colony off the coast of Africa - to hand his care over to family. However, on arrival no-one seems to know who he is. As she waits for someone to turn up, the young nurse gets increasingly involved with the mysterious community and intrigue mounts. Pedro Costa's second feature is a dense and ingeniously metaphoric take on Tourneur's I Walked With A Zombie - another unique and startling film from one of the most singular and important filmmakers working today.

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Cast & Credits

Leading cast and crew members
Director Pedro Costa
Screenwriter Pedro Costa
Composer Raul Andrade
Editor Dominique Auvray
Mariana Inês de Medeiros
Leão Isaach De Bankolé