DocHouse: A Deal with the Universe

DocHouse: A Deal with the Universe

The screening of A Deal with the Universe on Tuesday 9 April at 6:30pm will be followed by a director’s Q&A.

Transgender filmmaker Jason Barker tells the story of a very different kind of pregnancy.

Made entirely from personal archive footage and home video diaries, A Deal With the Universe follows director Jason Barker and his partner Tracey’s incredible story of how he came to give birth to his child, charting over 15 years of the highs and lows of their lives. This film is groundbreaking in terms of its intimate insights into gender identity and the quest for parenthood.

Self-reflective and garrulous, the camcorder is a natural companion for Jason - but Tracey is less enamoured of its constant presence. Revealing some of the more complex aspects of the trans experience and pregnancy, this is an unusually intimate and passionate love story and shines a light on the emotional roller coaster of fertility treatments.


Jason Barker



Running Time:

90 minutes


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