DocHouse: Each and Every Moment

DocHouse: Each and Every Moment

Director of the brilliant Etre et Avoir Nicholas Philibert explores how young students learn to cope with people in their most vulnerable moments.

Following a group of student nurses at the Insitut de la Croix Saint-Simon in Montreuil over a course of three years, Philibert reveals the highs and lows of the process.

Progressing from dolls to real patients, the students face huge pressures during their internships and are understandable nervous about the tightrope precision each medical procedure requires.

A tender insight into the bumpy road of nurse-training; the film celebrates the dedication and knowledge that it takes to become a nurse; a career that deserves a lot more appreciation and support than it gets.


Nicolas Philibert



Running Time:

105 minutes


Cert TBC
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