DocHouse: Hail Satan?

DocHouse: Hail Satan?

The Satanic Temple in Salem is serious about equal rights. Dressed in ceremonial robes, the group embarks on a series of public actions.

As State governors and politicians allow prayer in schools, and religious statues in public place, the Satanic Temple campaigns for the rights for all religious representation – including having a statue of the goat-headed deity Baphomet next to a monument celebrating the Ten Commandments in Oklahoma.

The First Amendment prohibits the government from passing any laws “respecting the establishment of religion,” meaning it cannot promote one religion over another, so the Satanists have a bone to pick.

As their following expands rapidly – from 3 members to over 100,000 in three years – so does the outrage and violent threats from their opposition.

Rocking religious and political institutions, the Satanic Temple is making serious points, as well as having a devilish tongue, lodged firmly in cheek.


Penny Lane



Running Time:

82 minutes


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