DocHouse: Show Me The Picture: The Story of Jim M.

DocHouse: Show Me The Picture: The Story of Jim M.

Photographer Jim Marshall captured the musical icons of a generation: Joplin, Dylan, Cash, Coltrane and that infamous image of Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar.

His passion for the music gave him credence with the artists he was shooting, and he soon became part of the family, capturing the scene from the inside - from the Civil Rights Movement to The Beatles' last show; the Summer of love in Haight Ashbury and the birth of psychedelia. But battling with a cocaine habit and his own inner demons, Marshall became increasingly insular and antisocial.

Director Alfred George Bailey joins us on 31st January to discuss the life, legacy and possible redemption of the infamous photographer, who died in 2010.


Alfred George Bailey



Running Time:

92 minutes


  • Bertha Dochouse
  • Q&A
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