DocHouse: Waiting for the Carnival

DocHouse: Waiting for the Carnival

The small village of Toritama in Brazil is a microcosm of relentless capitalism. Each year, more than 20-million pairs of jeans are produced in make-shift factories.

Director Marcelo Gomes speaks from behind the camera to the locals about their lives and dreams, and remembers Toritama as it was when he was a child. His father used to call it ‘The Land of Happiness.’ Now the town sign reads ‘Capital of Jeans'.

The locals work non-stop hours, proud to be the masters of their own time. During Carnival - the only leisure moment of the year -, they transgress the logic of accumulation of goods, sell their belongings without regret and flee to the beaches in search of ephemeral happiness.

When Ash Wednesday arrives, a new work cycle begins.


Marcelo Gomes



Running Time:

86 minutes


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