Argentine Film Festival: My Friend From the Park

Argentine Film Festival: My Friend From the Park

UK premiere.

A surprising comedy about the stress and anxiety facing a new Mum left alone with her three-month baby.

When young Mum Liz is consigned to a stretch of single-parenting while her filmmaker husband is away shooting a documentary, she decides to take her baby to the local park in search of some female company.

Instead of making friends with the respectable groups of mothers that meet there every day, Liz is drawn to the mysterious and unpredictable Rosa (played by director Ana Katz), who offers her some much-needed distraction and fun.

But as the two get closer, and Liz spends more of her time with the more-than-a-little-pushy Rosa, she finds herself sucked into an unfamiliar world of stolen cars, unstable sisters and her own increasing paranoia…

Argentine Film Festival




Julieta Zylberberg, Maricel Alvarez, Ana Katz

Running Time:

85 minutes


Advised 15
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