The Third Man

The Third Man

The Third Man, Carol Reed’s murky film noir tale of post-war Vienna, has a just claim as one of best British films of all time. Joseph Cotten plays pulp writer Holly Martins, who is brought to the city by a promise of work by childhood friend Harry Lime. But on arrival, it turns out Lime has died, and had made a bad name for himself. Yet there are darker truths hiding in the shadows, ones Holly risks his life in shedding light on.

With several sequences that are burned into the popular imagination (from Orson Welles’s tête-à-tête on the grand ferris wheel, to the climactic chase through the sewers and one of the great film endings), The Third Man is a film that is a joy to discover and rewatch on the big screen.


Carol Reed


Alida Valli, Joseph Cotten, Orson Welles

Running Time:

104 minutes


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