Curzon cinemas covid-19 measures

When will Curzon cinemas reopen? 

We will begin to reopen our cinemas on July 17th 2020, starting with Curzon Canterbury. Our plan thereafter is to gradually reopen all of our cinemas between July 17th and the end of August.

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Is it safe to come to Curzon cinemas?

We take the health and safety of our guests and our staff very seriously. 

We are following government safety guidelines as well as advice from the United Kingdom Cinema Association (UKCA). Rest assured that we will only reopen cinemas once we are confident that the appropriate safety measures have been met.

What safety measures have been put into place?

In line with government and industry guidelines, we are putting a number of safety measures in place so that you can relax and enjoy the cinema experience, safe in the knowledge that we have everything covered.

This requires a few changes to your usual cinema visit:

  • We ask that you book your tickets online to reduce the time spent at the box office and to ensure safely distanced seating.

  • We ask that you queue outside the cinema until it is time to take your seat to reduce the time spend mingling indoors.

  • We have put measures in place to ensure you can order, pay for and collect food and drink safely.

  • We have installed social distancing signs throughout our cinemas so that we can all give one another the space we need to feel safe.

  • We have staggered the start times for all of our films to reduce the number of people arriving and leaving at any one time so that we can keep our queues and corridors free.

  • We have reduced the number of available seats in our cinemas so that you can sit comfortably with enough distance between you and other guests.

  • We have made complementary hand sanitiser readily available throughout our cinemas.

  • We have trained our staff to handle extra cleaning measures and will be thoroughly cleaning all screens and seats between film showings.
  • We have created some mask-compulsory screenings during which all customers must wear a mask at all times. If this applies to your screening it will be clearly stated when you book your ticket.
  • Face masks will be mandatory by government directive from Saturday 8th August. We kindly ask that all of our guests bring their own mask and observe this rule.


How will social distancing be enforced?

We have implemented a one-way system within our cinemas so that customers can pass through the venue while maintaining a safe distance from others at all times. In addition, we have installed social distancing messages on the floors and walls of our cinemas to encourage safe distancing. 

We have reduced the capacity of our cinema screens in order to leave plenty of space between groups. You will never be asked to sit too close to another group or customer.


Will food be available at the cinema?

In those cinemas where we have a hot menu, we are serving a reduced selection of snacks but you will be able to purchase our classic selection of cinema snacks and drinks in all of our cinemas. All food and drink orders will be taken by our hosts outside the cinema and will be ready for you to collect on your way through to your seats when the time comes.


How do I get in contact with you?

You can reach us at or by calling 0333 321 0104.

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What is happening with my membership? 

If your membership was cut short by lockdown we will automatically extend it for the length of time lost. This extension will start when your local Curzon cinema has reopened. Any free tickets that remained on your account will carry over for this extended period.


What if I am still shielding? 

If you are shielding, please contact our member support team at and we will arrange to pause your membership until a time when you feel it is safe to return.

What films will be showing at Curzon cinemas? 

We will launch with an exciting programme of films from our own catalogue, films like Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Parasite, Moffie, Who You Think I Am, The Truth and Only the Animals. As well as that we will screen brand new releases like Christopher Nolan’s Tenet and Disney’s Mulan, as well as some recent hits you might have missed.

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