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Do you have a booking fee?

We do. Online booking fees are £1 per transaction. If you call us and want to book with an operator a £2 fee applies. Members do not pay booking fees ever!


Do you allocate seats?

We understand how important allocated seating can be. Allocated seating is available for the majority of performances, if a performance is allocated, you will be given the opportunity to select your seats on the third page of the online booking process. All other performances offer unreserved seating, so you are able to choose your seat once you enter the auditorium. We advise you to arrive at least 20 minutes early at peak periods.


What are the age restrictions for?

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) certifies all films in the UK. These age restrictions are designed to protect the viewer. Curzon Cinemas are obliged to ensure all guests meet the age requirements of the films they choose.


At what age are child tickets charged?

Child tickets are charged for those aged 14 and under, ticket pricing can be found on the individual cinema pages.


At what age are adult tickets charged?

Adult tickets are charged for those aged 15+, however student rate may apply.


Can a 12 to 14 year old watch a 15 rated movie with an adult/parent present?

No, the BBFC requirements apply at all times.


What ID do I need to prove my age?

We will accept passports/student cards and validate cards as suitable forms of identification. All must clearly indicate the recipient's date of birth.


What ID do I need if I purchase a student ticket?

A valid university card.


What does FLS mean?

FLS is industry speak for Free List Suspended. It simply means you cannot use free tickets (complimentary passes) on the particular film. As a rule this is during the first 2 weeks of a film's release.


What time do the films start?

The feature film starts approximately 20 minutes after the advertised programme time, with the exception of films screened in the BERTHA DocHouse (5 minutes of trailers only). Certain live special events do not feature trailers. Curzon reserves the right to refuse admission to latecomers.


What is the CEA card?

The Cinema Exhibitors Association Card.


Do you accept the CEA card?

Yes we do.


Can I use my CEA card on all films?

Yes on films only, not events.


How do I get a CEA card?

Apply via the following website Please note there is a charge for this card.


I cannot attend my film. Can I get a refund?

We're sorry, cinema tickets once purchased are non refundable and non-exchangeable.


What are Pullman seats?

Pullman seats are in most venues located in the prime viewing position. They are wider, recline and offer more legroom. Choose Pullman tickets to allocate seats in this section.


How can I find out which films are showing in 3D?

Any film shown in 3D will have this format indicated by the 3D attribute on the film page(s). You can also filter 3D screenings under the preferences section of 'Now showing' and 'Coming soon' film listings.


Can I watch a 3D film if I wear normal glasses?

Sure, simply place the 3D glasses over your normal glasses and enjoy the film.


Do you screen subtitled shows?

The vast majority of films not in the english language which we show are subtitled. When a foreign language film has been dubbed into English this will be indicated in our website and listings.


Do you screen subtitled shows for the hard of hearing?

Yes we do and these are clearly indicated on our website, look out for the Hard of Hearing attribute which will appear next to the film screening. You can also filter Hard of Hearing screenings under the preferences section of 'Now showing' and 'Coming soon' film listings.


Do you offer screenings for people with autism?

We currently do not offer this type of screening. However, we consistently review the range of show types we offer.


What time do cinemas open and close?

Cinemas open 15 minutes before the first show, regional variations may apply. Cinemas close for entry twenty minutes after the last screening begins.


Do I need to pre-book tickets?

Tickets for events can sell-out quickly so its advisable to book for them. Our screens vary in size so to guarantee entry we would recommend you book.


When does advance booking open for my film?

Films which are available for advance booking can be available in excess of 1 month ahead of its release date. Check the 'now showing' and 'coming soon' sections of our website. Sign up to our newsletters or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with developments and to be informed when films are available for sale.


When can I book for a film?

All our cinemas are programmed on a weekly basis (as the release of films changes). Normally each cinema is 'live' for sale from approximately noon on Tuesdays.


How do I book tickets?

To book tickets you can either click on the 'cinemas' tab to book directly for your favourite cinema or click on 'now showing' to see a drop down list of our films and events listings. Once you have selected the film or event you want to see click on the preferred time which will then take to you the booking page to log in as a member or non-member to complete the transaction. If you have any issues with booking please contact us.

You can also book on our booking line 0330 500 1331. The line is open 10am - 8pm every day apart from Sundays 10am - 7pm. Calls are charged at no more than the national rate.


How can I find out what's on and when?

The easiest, simplest and most accurate way to check what is showing is to view our now showing page.


Can I change my booking?

You can change your booking if you have not progressed to the booking page and completed your booking with a payment option. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your booking once a payment has been made. It may be possible to change your seats, subject to availability. We advise arriving early at the cinema to arrange this.


Do you sell snacks?

We offer a range of standard cinema snacks in all our venues. In addition, in many venues we offer an enhanced range. This includes sandwiches, salads, platters, pizza, soup and Panini.


Do the venues have disabled access?

Most of our venues have disabled access, with a few exceptions:


I recieved an error message, what do I do?

Depending on your error message, if you are on the booking page ensure you check your seat selection and it is not in the wheelchair access area or you have left a space between your seat. If you are on the membership page and you have an error message ensure you have entered your correct membership details and your membership is renewed to book tickets. If the issue persists please fill out the contact us form.


Why are you not showing the film I want to see?

The simple answer is availability of screens and the amount of films available. It can, at times be a difficult balancing act deciding which films we lose to make space for new films. Sometimes despite our best efforts we get this wrong. However we listen to our guests and respond accordingly.


Can I take a baby into a screen?

We welcome babies in all our cinemas, however please note that age restrictions apply - babies will only be admitted into U, PG and 12A certificates.


Do you do special mother and baby screenings?

Mother and Baby screenings are currently under review. Further details will appear on the website.


Do you have a Kids Club?

Most of our cinemas host Kids Club screenings. Check the website for full details.


Do I have to be a member to be part of the Kids Club?

No, Kids Club screenings do not require membership. Unaccompanied adults will not be admitted to Kids Club screenings.


When are Kids Club films shown?

Kids Club films are usually scheduled on Saturday mornings between 10-10.30am and are £3 each. However, these can vary and you are advised to check the website beforehand.


I have been double charged, what shall I do?

Please fill out the contact us form and we will investigate the double charge and take appropriate action.


Do you offer a group booking discount?

Please fill out the contact us form.


Is there parking at the cinema?

Details of parking (where available) are listed on our cinema's information pages.


Can I call the cinema?

No, we do not make direct phone lines to the cinema available. Our booking line 0330 500 1331 take calls on behalf of our cinemas.


Booking - Tickets - Membership - Private Hires - Curzon Home Cinema - Other





How much are tickets?

Tickets vary depending on venue and time of day. Prices for standard film screenings can be found on the cinema venue page.


Do you offer any cheaper or discount days?

We currently do not operate a standard offer such as this. However, as part of our commitment in making cinema available to all we offer several different pricing structures, with a broad range of tickets available. In addition, members benefit from cheaper films at all times and considerably reduced prices on Wednesdays.


Why are tickets for the ballet and opera more expensive than normal shows?

Generally, tickets for these shows would be more expensive at the ballet or in an opera house. Viewing these events in a cinema is still cheaper. On many occasions the transmission is broadcast live and naturally there is a cost associated with this.


Are there any concessions on ticket prices?

We have concession prices for seniors (60 and over) and students (secondary or full time education) and children (14 and under). Prices can be found on the venue page.


Do you participate in Meerkat Movies?

We do not currently participate in this programme.


How much extra do I pay to watch a film in 3D?

With the exception of our Wimbledon cinema, we do not charge a premium for films in 3D, you will however need 3D glasses which are sold separately at our cinemas. 3D films at Wimbledon will incur a £2 additional fee.


Do you offer military discounts?

Apologies we don't offer discounts to members of the military.  


What do I do if I don’t receive a confirmation email?

At times confirmation emails may be delayed, but your booking will have been successful. Simply present the card used for booking at the cinema. Or if you know it, your booking reference.


There was a power cut. What shall I do?

Please fill out the contact us form and we will be happy to arrange a full refund of your tickets.


Booking - Tickets - Membership - Private Hires - Curzon Home Cinema - Other





Do you have a membership scheme?

We certainly do. Our Membership always gives you the best deal on everything we show, as well as selected priority booking periods and no booking fees. Savings depending on the tier chosen and frequency of visit. However, all offer free tickets on joining, discounted tickets thereafter, discounted refreshments and no online booking fees.


What is the membership?

We offer three types of membership: Classic (Concession), Cult and Complete.


What benefits come with it?

Full details of the benefits our different tiers offer may be found on the Membership page. 


How much is it?

We offer dual prices depending on whether the membership is purchased at one of our London sites or outside of London:

View full details on the Membership page.


Does my membership apply in all venues?

A membership purchased at one of our London sites may receive full benefits across all venues.

A membership purchased outside of London; Wimbledon, Canterbury, Ripon, Knutsford or Sheffield may not redeem free tickets at London sites however may still enjoy discounted tickets and reduction in refreshments.

Regardless of the package you will always enjoy 15% off food and drinks at any of our venues as well as 15% off Curzon Home Cinema.


Where do I sign up?

You can sign up for membership in Curzon cinemas or online on our Membership page.


How long does it last?

Curzon Memberships are for 12 months and you will have the choice to renew before your membership expires.


What happens if I lose my membership card?

Please contact us to send you a new card.


Can I cancel my membership?

You can only cancel your membership if you haven't used your membership online or in venue. One a membership has been used the terms of membership are accepted and Curzon are under no obligation to offer a refund.


Do I get a discount on any snacks in venue?

Yes, 15% off food and beverage items. This benefit does not apply at Curzon Connect venues.


Do I get the 15% discount on private hires costs?

No, private hires are not public screenings and are not eligible for the terms of membership.


I am having issues booking members' rate tickets

Check the expiry date of your membership. Our website will not allow you to book tickets for shows after your membership has lapsed


The website does not recognise my membership details, who do I contact?

Please use the contact us form, or call our booking line 0330 500 1331.

For any other questions, comments or feedback please use the contact us form.


Booking - Tickets - Membership - Private Hires - Curzon Home Cinema - Other



Private Hires


What is private hire?

At Curzon we provide services for a broad range of events, we will ensure that you get the most out of the facilities we have to offer while providing the support and experience necessary to lower those anxiety levels!

Curzon Cinemas can help with all types of events:

You too can take advantage of the top-quality technical facilities, spacious and attractive bar areas and comfortable screens to present your event.

Curzon Cinemas can accommodate most screening formats and our friendly, knowledgeable technical staff will ensure the presentation is the best possible quality and runs without a hitch. We have a dedicated events team to look after your needs who will welcome you for a site visit so you can discuss your requirements, guide you through various options for the structure of your event and ensure the smooth running of proceedings. Contact us for further details.


Can I hire a screen for a special event? E.g. a birthday party?

Yes. In order to receive a quotation, in the first instance please fill in the contact us form and use the drop down to select 'Private Hires' 


How can I find out about hosting a film festival?

Send your comments/queries/requests and a brief overview of your festival requirements via the contact us form and use the drop down to select 'Private Hires'.


I'm a business and would like to hire a screen for a presentation can I do this?

Yes. In order to receive a quotation, in the first instance please fill in the contact us form and use the drop down to select 'Private Hires'.


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Curzon Home Cinema


What is Curzon Home Cinema?

Wherever you are in the UK and Ireland, Curzon Home Cinema gives you the opportunity to watch the latest cinema releases and a curated selection of contemporary and classic films from the comfort of your own home.

Curated by the expert Curzon Cinemas team, you'll find only the very best in independent cinema from Hollywood mavericks to the latest foreign-language releases - all brought to you where possible on the same day as their cinema release.

We want you to get more out of film so in addition to the latest in cinema releases you'll also find exclusively curated film collections, festivals, cast & crew bios and a comprehensive catalogue of award-winning and thought-provoking films.

Please note that Curzon Home Cinema is only available in the UK & Ireland.


Why choose Curzon Home Cinema?

Current cinema releases at home!

We're delighted to be one of the only independent video-on-demand services that consistently offers the latest films and exclusive content to watch at home at the same time as their cinema release. That's months before they become available elsewhere!

No subscription

Pay for what you want to watch, when you want to watch it without being tied in to a monthly subscription.


We understand that choosing good films isn't always easy. As part of Britain's leading independent cinema group, we pride ourselves on our programming from a team of experts who eat, sleep and breathe film.

For further information, please visit


Booking - Tickets - Membership - Private Hires - Curzon Home Cinema - Other




I was generally unhappy with my cinema visit. Who do I complain to?

Please fill out the contact us form.


How can I find out about all the other things you show - opera, ballet, music, sport?

The easiest way to do this is to sign up to our newsletter or to check the website for details.


I'm a charity and would like to know if you can help?

Please fill out the contact us form.


Where can I find more information about your company?

Please fill out the contact us form.


I'm unhappy about what I've seen on screen. What should I do?

Where possible discuss your concerns in venue with the General Manager. Or fill out the contact us form.


I'd like to work for Curzon.  Do you have any vacancies?

All current vacancies are advertised in the recruitment section of the website.


I'm a local supplier. Will you stock my products?

At Curzon we aim to provide approximately 25% of our product range from local, artisan or bespoke suppliers. If you wish to discuss the possibility of working with us please use the contact us form.


I've lost something, what do I do?

Firstly pop back to the venue you attended. Alternatively call 0330 500 1331 and press 6 on the first menu in order to leave a description of the lost item and the location it was lost at. Please note, whilst we do our best to reunite lost items Curzon Cinemas do not accept any responsibility for any items brought onto our premises.


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