BAFTA 2019 Short Film Nominees

BAFTA 2019 Short Film Nominees

What unites Paddy Considine, Peter Capaldi, Tinge Krishnan and Lynne Ramsay? They've all won a short film BAFTA. And you too can unearth new talent by booking your ticket for the BAFTA Shorts tour 2019. In various cinemas and on demand.

See all the nominated films in the Best Short Film and Best Short Animation categories.

  • Wale, dir. Barnaby Blackburn, 20m. Can you make a fresh start in a world this rotten?
  • 73 Cows, dir. Alex Lockwood, 15m. A beef farmer battles with his conscience every time he takes his cows to slaughter. He knows he must make a change.
  • I'm OK, dir. Elizabeth Hobbs, 6m. Inspired by the life and art of artist Oskar Kokoschka, I’m OK explores the wounds of heartbreak and trauma.
  • Bachelor 38, dir. Angela Clarke 15m. An enduring love story of one man's time in London.
  • Marfa, dir. Greg McLeod & Myles McLeod, 8m. An existential journey to a West Texan town.
  • Roughhouse, dir. Jonathan Hodgson, 15m.  When three teenage friends meet a charismatic stranger, their loyalty is torn apart with terrifying consequences.
  • The Blue Door, dir. Paul Taylor, 9m. A kind and caring nurse, Clare, is opening the door to her new job, but maybe some doors are best left shut...
  • The Field, dir. Sandhya Suri, 19m. Between the cornstalks of Shahzadpur — in the realm of the senses.

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