Aquaman (Game of Thrones' Jason Momoa) steps forward in this solo adventure, parting company from his pals in the Justice League. Rather than Batman et al., he is paired this time with Mera (Amber Heard, showing witty chemistry with her co-star). Returning to Atlantis, they find it a city at war, with many seeking retribution for humanity’s disregard for sealife.

But Aquaman is a man divided: half Atlantean, half human, he must unite these factions before disaster occurs, whilst also battling other villains threatening the utopian society.

This addition to the DC Universe is directed by James Wan who has past form - Fast & Furious 7, The Conjuring, Insidious - when it comes to making fantastic outsize entertainment. He brings acting gravitas with him in the shape of Nicole Kidman (playing Aquaman's mother) and Willem Dafoe (as Atlantean statesman Vulko), with '80s powerhouse Dolph Lundgren also in the fray.

While the focus is very much on fantastic spectacle, the film's story of the revenge of the sea feels apt for our current environmental crisis.


James Wan


Jason Momoa

Running Time:

143 minutes


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