BUFF 2018: Shakespeare Sunday

BUFF 2018: Shakespeare Sunday

Romeo and Juliet - The Nigerian Edition

Director: Kariba Nwodo, 5mins, UK

Romeo & Juliet – The Nigerian Edition follows an Igbo Romeo and a Yoruba Juliet as they fight to save their ill-fated relationship in a way that only Nigerians can. Fans of the classic tale will see the Nigerian couple navigate their way through two well-known scenes, this time against a Nollywood-meets-the-renaissance backdrop.

Othello Noir

Director: Martin Denham, 15mins, UK

Cast: Anishka Klass, Ellie Hughes, James Halifax, Jarrod Ball, Matthew Fitzgerald, Sam Ellis, Tilley Sheridan, Matthew Emeny

Maintaining the original text, the story has been reimagined as a contemporary film noir with a female Othello. We now see greed, betrayal and murder play out in Iago’s mind as he makes his pivotal “I hate the Moor” speech.

The film cleverly condenses the full play into a 15mins short by using Iago’s “I hate the Moor” speech as the central spine of the story. In the original play, Iago’s plan plays out as real life throughout the play, but in this adaptation, the plan is merely in his head. We see ‘possible’ events play out as Iago contemplates his plan, triggered by key moments in his speech.

What we see are the highlights from the play, including Iago manipulating Othello and Cassio, Iago and Rodorigo attacking Cassio and Othello murdering Desdemona, all presented in true film noir style. Shakespeare’s classic play comes to life for a modern audience in a way that’s never been seen quite like this before.

M.A.N (Melanin Acknowledged Notably)

Director: Natasha Rosetta Joseph, 28mins, UK

Cast: Travis Jay, Tyler Fayose, Natasha Rosetta Joseph, Chiedu Agborh, Marlon Stewart, Sharon Oji, Chrissy Charles, Jakk Gerard, Dan Jay Green, Rosie Hancock, Garcia Brown

6 male friends reunite at a gathering and delve into discussion through an exploration of questions and experiences, of the different lives they have sought, sharing how it is to be a M.A.N. in this generation through an art of conversation, with a twist.

M.A.N (Melanin Acknowledged Notably): The Documentary

Dir: Natasha Rosetta Joseph, 16mins, UK

With contributions from Kwame Bentil, Christopher Charles, Ben Sarpong, Travis Jay, Roshad Gibbons, Emmanuel Mensah, Tambo Silvawe and Scarz, M.A.N. The Documentary features strong, successful, male creatives voicing their opinion to questions that aim to provide insight and enlightenment for the present and upcoming generation.





Running Time:

64 minutes


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