DocHouse: A Deal with the Universe

DocHouse: A Deal with the Universe

The screening of A Deal with the Universe on Tuesday 9 April at 6:30pm will be followed by a director’s Q&A.

Transgender filmmaker Jason Barker tells the story of a very different kind of pregnancy.

After many attempts to get pregnant, Tracey hits another huge hiccup when she develops breast cancer and has to take menopause-inducing drugs.

With Plan A in tatters, the couple resorts to Plan B – and Jason decides to dial back the testosterone and endeavours to become pregnant instead. Self-reflective and garrulous, the camcorder is a natural companion for Jason - but Tracey is less enamoured of its constant presence.

Entirely self-shot, this is an unusually intimate and passionate love story. Revealing some of the more complex aspects of the trans experience, it also shines a light on the hectic emotional roller coaster of modern day relationships and the challenges of fertility treatments.


Jason Barker



Running Time:

90 minutes


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