DocHouse: Bellingcat - Truth in a Post Truth World

DocHouse: Bellingcat - Truth in a Post Truth World

“Truth does not belong to the order of power but shares an original affinity with freedom.”

Eliot Higgins is an office-worker and dad living in Leicester, who has revolutionised journalism in his spare time.

Higgins has assembled a group of sleuths under the umbrella 'Bellingcat', who solved the mystery of the plane shot down over Ukraine, use geolocation to pinpoint ISIS filming locations and unveiled fake news.

As social media has become a dominant figure in our lives, it has also meant that a huge amount of information is available to us, and as a result citizen journalism has become a significant role in human rights activism.

Bellingcat - Truth in a Post Truth World explores how investigative journalism is evolving, and the risk of confronting major global players, who are used to protecting their interests with lies.


Hans Pool



Running Time:

88 minutes


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