DocHouse: Buddha in Africa

DocHouse: Buddha in Africa

At the Amitofo Care Centre in rural Malawi, Enock has learned the importance of getting up early. The Chinese Buddhists who run the orphanage are big on time keeping - if you are late for temple you have to kneel outside till it’s over.

The teenaged Enock, who came to the orphanage at the age of seven, has thrived under the guidance of his martial arts teacher. He’s one of the star attractions when the charity takes students abroad to perform for potential funders, who are eager to help “uncivilised” Africa .

When Enock visits his home village, he finds it hard to bond with his aunt and grandmother, whose language he can no longer remember. In his final year Enock is chafing against the sometimes brutal regime of the orphanage. He is not at all sure that he wants to take the next step - university in Asia.

Nicole Shafer’s nuanced observational lens depicts the many shades of grey in this intersection of two very different cultures.


Nicole Schafer



Running Time:

90 minutes


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