DocHouse: City, Essay, Film: Concrete Revolution

DocHouse: City, Essay, Film: Concrete Revolution

Part of the UCL Urban Laboratory series City, Essay, Film this final screening presents a collection of works contemplating the social impact of architectural transformation, led by Xiaolu Guo’s brave and intelligent film on the moral and human cost of creating a ‘New China’ in The Concrete Revolution.

The screening is introduced by Kyran Joughin (University of the Arts London), a lecturer and researcher in film and time-based media, concentrating on the interaction between film, public art and architecture.

The films in this programme include:

  • The Concrete Revolution (dir. Xialou Guo, 2004, 61 mins)
    The Concrete Revolution examines the tremendous moral and human cost of creating a ‘New China’ for the 2008 Olympics.
  • The Visitor (dir. Sharone Lifschitz, 2019, 29 mins)
    Pritzker Prize-winning architect Wang Shu features in this filmic exploration of a museum in Ningbo, China, constructed from the debris of 29 villages eradicated to make way for a new district.
  • Construction Lines (dir. Max Colson, 2017, 8 mins)
    A playful, animated film on the proposed development of an 'iceberg' home in a prosperous area of London.


Xialou Guo



Running Time:

61 minutes


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