Dochouse: Los Reyes

Dochouse: Los Reyes

In Los Reyes (meaning kings), the oldest skatepark in Santiago de Chile, teenagers come together from very different social and cultural backgrounds.

The kings of this park are a pair of playful, inseparable dogs, Chola and Football. Chola is a young and vigorous pooch who spends her days playing with balls in the pools where the skaters ride. Football is an old dog, but beautiful and energetic, who obsessively accompanies Chola in this game.

The human world appears in glimpses of adolescents in transit to adulthood. Fragmentary and ambiguous, the teen presence is transitory, and the focus remains with the physicality of the canine permanent residents.

While the seasons change, and the youths consider their futures, Chola and football keep watch from the edge of society.


Bettina Perut, Iván Osnovikoff



Running Time:

78 minutes


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