DocHouse: Minding the Gap

DocHouse: Minding the Gap

With the thrilling, rough camerawork of a no-budget skate video, Bing Liu's Oscar®-nominated Minding the Gap captures a powerful snapshot of his own personal friends growing up.

There's wasn't a lot to do in their recession-hit home town of Rockford, Illinois, but Liu and his friends always had skateboarding.

As a group of teenage misfits, each with difficult home lives, they find an unrivalled freedom in skateboarding.

But Zack suddenly becomes a father, and his loving relationship with the mother rapidly descends into a nightmare. Meanwhile, Keire attempts to break away from the destructive patterns of his friends.

As Liu documents their shifting lives, he looks deeper into their upbringings. The boys musings on the violent father figures they all have in common turns Minding the Gap into a deeply intimate meditation on families.

Between them, the friends begin to see how much their foundations and their fathers' destructive masculinity affected their lives.


Bing Lui



Running Time:

98 minutes


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