DocHouse: OCDF 2019: The Crosses

DocHouse: OCDF 2019: The Crosses

Only days after the 1973 military coup against the Allende government, a group of nineteen union members in a paper factory disappeared without trace.

The case remained a mystery for forty years, until a policeman involved in the massacre finally broke the pact of silence.

Taking his confession alongside testimony from the victims’ families —all voiced by actors—the filmmakers forensically unravel the events leading to the murders, using stark 16mm photography to depict the landscape like a crime scene.

A bold and formally rigorous work, The Crosses bravely unearths a dark moment in Chile’s political history that for years had been buried in silence.

Supported by Cervantes Institute London


Teresa Arredondo, Carlos Vásquez Méndez



Running Time:

80 minutes


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