DocHouse: The Arctic Camels

DocHouse: The Arctic Camels

Bor and Bestla are the only two camels in the world who live north of the Arctic Circle.

9-year-old Torarin is over the moon when his parents bring the baby camels over to live with them in Hammerfest, the North most city in the world.

The plan is to train them and build a camel centre – but camels are stubborn creatures, so the family head over to Mongolia to see how training is traditionally done.

Told from Torarin’s perspective, the film shares his journey and feelings towards incorporating the Mongolian training methods into their way of life.

Against beautiful contrasting landscapes of Mongolia and Norway, Arctic Camels is a charming and bumpy ride that observes our relationships to, and expectations of, working animals.


Karl Emil Rikardsen



Running Time:

75 minutes


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