DocHouse: The Cave

DocHouse: The Cave

In Eastern Al-Ghouta, on the outskirts of Damascas, 400,000 people are trapped in a relentless bombardment which has been going on for years. While above ground is a colourless Armageddon, below is a buzzing hive of humanity, as paediatrician Dr Amani Ballour manages a hospital, treating a constant flow of bomb victims.

Dr Amani tries to provide warmth, kindness and shelter for the many children in her care, but the threat of bombs - and chemical weapons - is constant. The doctors face an everyday shortage of food, equipment and medicine - the only anaesthetic in use is classical music playing from a smartphone. But amidst the horror, there are still birthdays to be celebrated, children to entertain, and moments of joy.

Syrian filmmaker Feras Fayyad’s latest work follows on from his Oscar-nominated Last Men in Aleppo, and is a profoundly moving portrait of how compassion and hope can thrive in the bleakest of settings.


Feras Fayyad



Running Time:

103 minutes


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