DocHouse: The Faces We Lost

DocHouse: The Faces We Lost

The screening on Sun 7 April will be followed by a Q&A with the film’s director Piotr Ceiplak and Co-Founder of the Ishami Foundation Eric Murangwa MBE, chaired by Professor Sarah Maltby - Head of Media & Cultural Studies at University of Sussex.

The 1994 Rwandan genocide claimed the lives of nearly one million people in just 100 days. The Faces We Lost explores how Rwandans now use personal photographs to commemorate the loved ones they lost.

At the time, the international community responded by publishing horrific photographs of mutilated bodies and nameless refugees. But The Faces We Lost aims to engage with Rwandans as users of images, rather than simply their subjects.

Rwandans remember their loved ones through images of life, not death: a passport or I.D. card photo, an unguarded snap taken in the garden or a group portrait from a wedding or a baptism.

The surviving images are precious objects, with so many destroyed and lost forever. A lot of people have only a solitary image of their loved ones. Many have none at all.

This documentary speaks to nine survivors and relatives of victims who guide us through their stories, and the images that they use to keep their memories alive.


Piotr Cieplak



Running Time:

60 minutes


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