DocHouse: The Man Who Stole Banksy

DocHouse: The Man Who Stole Banksy

Back in 2007, Banksy painted a mural on a wall in Bethlehem – a donkey getting its papers checked by an armed soldier. A local taxi driver decided to cut it off and sell it on eBay.

What follows is a story of clashing cultures, art, identity, theft and black market. It is not one story, but many.

With Iggy Pop narrating, the The Man Who Stole Banksy explores the debates; who owns art created without permission in public spaces, why is Western art is so protected and revered, and whether Banksy’s political statement translates to Palestinian culture.

With Banksy’s anti-establishment and anti-capitalist ethos, it is ironic to witness the money-grabbing battles that eat up his work, and diminish their context.


Marco Proserpio



Running Time:

90 minutes


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