Dochouse: Welcome to Sodom

Dochouse: Welcome to Sodom

Sodom is the largest electrical waste dump in the world, given its hellish name by the people who live there.

Agbogbloshie in Ghana is a flaming wasteland, with toxic fumes filling the air as fires melt electrical cables and plastic which the people are burning for scrap.

A chorus of narratives weave through Welcome to Sodom, as people share their stories and journeys to this apocalyptic melting pot. Located on a swampland, the dump undulates as people move across the space.

Welcome to Sodom is a terrifying vision, but there is agency and order among what appears to be chaos.

How our extremely wasteful, privileged society is seen by those who mend and recycle what we throw away, is food for thought.


Florian Weigensamer, Christian Krönes



Running Time:

90 minutes


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