DocHouse: When the War Comes

DocHouse: When the War Comes

There are few things as sinister as a young, arrogant man with a dictator-style hair-cut and a violent bully-boy attitude towards society. Peter Švrček lives with his mum in rural Slovakia and is angry about refugees. With various right-wing sympathies and neo-nazi ideals, Švrček proceeds to search for like-minded men to play army games in the woods with him, and gains confidence in his ideas by the election of Trump.

Švrček attempts to intimidate refugees in his spare time by filming them out of his car window as they make their journey in the forests surrounding Slovakia, and conspires with his close friends to start a right-wing movement that he will lead - the ultimate goal being political leadership.

This chilling film is an insight into an ugly, dangerous far right epidemic that is gaining traction around the world.


Jan Gebert



Running Time:

76 minutes


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