Finding Vivian Maier

Finding Vivian Maier

Author Christina Hesselholdt joins us for a Q&A about her latest novel, Vivian, following a screening of Finding Vivian Maier, the 2013 critically-acclaimed documentary which first drew her attention to the enigmatic street photographer. There will be a book signing event after the Q&A.

Directed by John Maloof and Charlie Siskel, Maier's strange and riveting life and art are revealed through photographs, films, and interviews with dozens who thought they knew her.

On the surface, Vivian Maier lived a quiet life, working as a nanny for bourgeois families in Chicago and New York. And yet, over the course of four decades, she took more than 150,000 photos, most of them with Rolleiflex cameras. The pictures were discovered in an auction shortly before she died, impoverished and feasibly very lonely. Who was this outsider artist, and why did she remain in the shadows her whole life?

In Hesselholdt's playful, polyphonic novel, we watch Vivian grow up in a severely dysfunctional family in New York and Champsaur in France, and we follow her later life as a nanny and street photographer in Chicago. A meditation on art, madness and identity, Vivian is a brilliant novel by Denmark’s most inventive and radical novelist.

'Vivian is a fascinating, ingeniously constructed piece of documentary fiction. The novel's short sections illuminate Vivian Maier in brilliant flashes without ever dispelling her singular mystery.' - Adam Foulds, author of Dream Sequence

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