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Fire Will Come

Fire Will Come

Director Q&A screening

Director Oliver Laxe joins us for a post-screening discussion of the film. Saturday 21 March 3.00pm | Curzon Bloomsbury.

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UK release date 20 March

Amador (Amador Arias) has been imprisoned for setting fires. When he is released from prison after two years, nobody is awaiting his return. He moves back to his hometown, a small village hidden in the mountains of rural Galicia, to live with his elderly mother, Benedicta (Benedicta Sánchez), and their three cows.

Amador does not speak much and remains guarded and stern when the villagers make small talk with him. He becomes aware that there is gossip about his past.

Life goes by slowly and simple, domestic routines are carried out daily. There is hope that tourists might travel to the region, as a group of villagers begin renovating local accommodation.

Amador has a chance encounter with Elena (Elena Fernandez), a local veterinarian who has been studying abroad, which hints at a possible romance or at least a meaningful human connection. The rhythm of nature persists until one night when a fire starts to devastate the region and Amador is unfairly blamed for it.


Oliver Laxe


Amador Arias, Benedicta Sánchez, Inazio Abrao, Elena Fernández

Running Time:

85 minutes


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