LSFF 2018: Pictures Snatched Out the Frame

LSFF 2018: Pictures Snatched Out the Frame

Competition. Memories can help us make sense of the past, but the past can sometimes feel like another country. These short films can show the past as both confusing and rose-tinted, like looking through an old photo album where nothing is what it seems. Watch out for Toby Jones (Berberian Sound Studio, The Hunger Games) as a washed-up TV host, and Josh O’Connor (God’s Own Country) delving into the past of homosexual life in fifties Britain. 95 mins

Between 15mins Toa Stappard

Martin Cries 16mins Jonathan Vinel

Kara 13 Deepa Keshvala

100 Women I Know 13mins Phoebe Montague

The Colour of His Hair 23mins Sam Ashby

The Enetertainer 15mins Jonathan Schey


Toa Stappard, Jonathan Vinel, Deepa Keshvala, Phoebe Montague, Sam Ashby, Jonathan Schey



Running Time:

95 minutes


Advised 18
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