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LSFF 2020: Europeans: Dramas from a Divided Union

LSFF 2020: Europeans: Dramas from a Divided Union

Thirty years on from the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rise of liberal democracy, the European Union now faces new challenges. While British politics is dominated by a divisive Brexit, what are the themes consuming other EU countries and how have their unique histories defined their relationship to the union?

The Guardian and Headlong Theatre have co-produced a political monologue series directed by Amy Hodge, commissioning seven writers from across Europe to write intimate fictional scripts, performed in their original language. Followed by a reading of the UK script and a panel discussion with The Guardian and the creative team.

  • Poland: 'Borders', Jacub ┼╗ulczyk, performed by Jacek Koman, 2019, 7’
  • Sweden: 'Top of the Class', Jonas Jonasson, performed by Victor Akerblom, 2019, 5’
  • Germany: 'Neanderthal', Marius von Mayenburg, performed by Robert Beyer, 2019, 8’
  • Ireland: 'Donnú Bréige', Lisa McInerney, performed by Evanna Lynch, 2019, 5’
  • Spain: 'Terra Firma', Blanca Doménech, performed by Paula Iwasaki, 2019, 7’
  • France: 'One Right Answer', Alice Zeniter, performed by Sabrina Ouazani, 2019, 8’
  • UK: 'Dim Sum', Clint Dyer, performed by Javone Prince, 2019, 8’





Running Time:

48 minutes


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