LSFF 2020: Outer Limits

LSFF 2020: Outer Limits

A generous helping of twists and turns, paranormal activity and the phantasmagorical. Embrace the unknowable with grotesque mermaids, black holes opening up in old lady’s living rooms, narratives caught in unbearable time loops and sentient sculptures fleeing the Louvre.

From the outright supernatural to subtler hints at the surreal, catch new work from Gabriel Abrantes (Diamantino) and the directorial debut of Beyond Clueless producer Anthony Ing. With turns from Gerard Kearns (Shameless), Joe Absolom (Doc Martin) and Jessica Gunning (Pride).

  • Boy Gets Eaten, Sebastian Lagerkvist, Norway, 25’
  • The Mermaid of Mevagissey, Luc Mollinger, UK, 18’
  • In Full Bloom, Maegan Houang, USA, 11’
  • The Devil’s Harmony, Dylan Holmes Williams, UK, 15’
  • The Gallery, Anthony Ing, UK, 8’
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of the Stone Lady, Gabriel Abrantes, Portugal, 20’

This programme contains violent imagery.





Running Time:

98 minutes


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