LSFF 2021: A Rural Gothic

LSFF 2021: A Rural Gothic

London Short Film Festival 2021

Unrested spirits, supernatural stalkings and the Devil’s Dyke: for a dark winter’s night, London Short Film Festival offers up a dose of the uncanny and occult out in the sticks.

Pulling their genre cues from pagan lore and Victoriana penny dreadfuls, these short folk horrors do the rounds from witch hunts, hellish first periods, Louis II of Bavaria defrosting after a lifetime on ice, and the creepy night games played in a remote girls’ boarding school. Programmed by Philip Ilson. 

This programme contains gore.

  • SHE LIVES ALONE, dir. Lucy Rose, UK, 13’
  • WIGHT NIGHT, dir. Abby Colquhoun, Katie Hackett, Sarah Ehmann , Hannah Ornsby, UK, 4’
  • SO PERFECT IT FRIGHTENS ME, dir. Alice Cornelia, UK, 5’
  • WOOD CHILD & HIDDEN FOREST MOTHER, dir. Stephen Irwin, UK, 9’
  • BLACK GOAT, dir. Yi Tang, Hong Kong, 12’
  • BURN THE WITCH, dir. Matty Crawford, UK, 5’
  • WHICH IS WITCH?, dir. Marie Losier, France, 6’
  • ​SUCH SMALL HANDS, dir. Maria Martinez Bayona, UK, 19’





Running Time:

73 minutes


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