OCDF 2019: Presented by Laura Grace Ford

OCDF 2019: Presented by Laura Grace Ford

Laura Grace Ford Presents: An Act of Unforgetting

Followed by a Q&A hosted by Owen Hatherley, author and culture editor of Tribune.

Laura Grace Ford (formerly Oldfield Ford) is a London based artist and writer concerned with spatial narratives, contested space, architecture, fiction and memory.

Drawing on cognitive mapping and the dérive Ford interrogates place by mapping the psychic contours of the city. Ford has curated a combined programme of archival TV documentaries, placing Battle of Trafalgar (1990) alongside an episode of Summer on the Estate (1991) and will be present to discuss and contextualise the programme.

“These films make visible London's unofficial and unrecognised narratives, stories that exist beyond the official text of the city. Screening them here is an attempt to rekindle and revive a particular historical moment so that we might visualise or re-member (literally piece together) a radically different social imaginary. By showing these films I am unlocking memories that might otherwise remain unretrieved” - Laura Grace Ford





Running Time:

100 minutes


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