Opus Zero

Opus Zero

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Willem Dafoe stars in this philosophical and richly inquisitive study of truth and experience. He plays Paul, a composer trying to finish a symphony who travels to a remote Mexican village to put his recently deceased father's estate in order.

While there, the memory of a friend of his father is shaken loose, and he goes in pursuit of her. He collides with a documentary crew, who are seeking to find a sensational story. The director and Paul engage in a pitched battle of wits and wills, a discussion of reality itself.

Dafoe displays the same yearning and awe on display in At Eternity’s Gate in this debut film that shows director Daniel Graham as one to watch for his skill with the ambiguous.

UK release date 9 August


Daniel Graham


Andrés Almeida, Brontis Jodorowsky, Willem Dafoe

Running Time:

84 minutes


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