We'll Never Be Silent Again (Short Film Programme)

We'll Never Be Silent Again (Short Film Programme)

To celebrate the release of 120 BPM, Robin Campillo's Cannes Grand Prix winning ensemble drama about a group of Paris-based AIDS activists in the early-90s, Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest and Curzon DocDays have teamed up to present We'll Never Be Silent Again. This short film programme honours the real-life activists who work to demolish prejudice, fight AIDS and give us the valuable freedoms that queers have today.

Moving images hold a lot of power: to move us, incite change, make us laugh and in the case of these activist shorts - to unite us in anger. These images are part of our shared histories and celebrate the nameless among the crowds fought for change, who did not live to see the freedoms we take for granted. This inspiring programme of rarely-screened short films, curated by Muffin Hix and Alex Karotsch, takes protest activism out of our past and into your present.

Out of the cinema and into the streets!


  • Stop the Movie (Cruising) (dir. Jim Hubbard, 1980)
  • DIVA TV: Like a Prayer (dir. Catherine Gund, 1991)
  • Sacred Lies, Civil Truths (trailer) (dir. Catherine Gund, 1993)
  • When AIDS was Funny (dir. Scott Calonico, 2015)
  • Pedagogue (dir. Stuart Marshall & Neil Bartlett, 1988)
  • 21st Century Nuns (dir. Tom Stephan, 1994)

The programme is followed by a panel discussion from:

  • Tom Stephan, filmmaker
  • Marc Thompson of BlackOut UK
  • Michelle Ross of CliniQ at 56 Dean Street
  • Seán McGovern, Fringe! Programmer (chair)

With thanks to Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Festival.





Running Time:

71 minutes


Advised 15
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