London Short Film Festival 2019

London Short Film Festival is a celebration of ground-breaking talent, alternative filmmaking, music and art.

Now in its 16th year, the festival has rapidly become the destination for independent film fans, industry luminaries and the best new creative talent from the UK and abroad.

London Short Film Festival 2019 Tales of the Unexpected at Curzon Soho

Tales of the Unexpected Adv 18

Spooky goings on and stories with a twist. We find ourselves in many a house with a dark secret, with nightmarish London landlords, feminist conspiracies from the Neighbourhood Watch and secrets stashed in biscuit tins. Look out for small screen turns from Jane Asher, Alison Steadman (Abigail's Party), Julia Deakin (Spaced, Shaun of the Dead) and Some Girls' Nathan Bryon.

  • THE COUPLE ENJOY A BATH, John Angus Stewart, Australia, 12m
  • THE BLUE DOOR, Paul Taylor, UK, 9m
  • A QUIET ROOM IN WALTHAMSTOW, Tiago Teixeira, UK, 16m
  • I’M DEAD, Dan Sully, UK, 8m
  • LIFELINE, Harry Jackson, UK, 8m
  • WALKIES, Cole Paviour, UK, 8m
  • BERTIE, Garry Crystal, UK, 17m

CN: Please note, this programme contains violence and allusions to domestic abuse.

Saturday 12 January 2019 4.00pm, Curzon Soho.

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London Short Film Festival 2019 London Lives at Curzon Soho

London Lives Adv 18

This fair city in all its glory. We criss-cross from the skyscraper forest of Canary Wharf back east to Dalston and across the river for a whistle-stop tour of Greenwich. There’s big business and capitalist excess, coming of age buffering against culture clashes, missed romances and magical realism. Even the humble fox gets their story told. Featuring Ed Skrein's (Deadpool) directorial debut and Shiraz Haq (I Am Nasrine).

  • DAVID BOWIE IS DEAD, Mark Jenkin, UK, 17m
  • COUNCIL IN ME, Wale Shittu, UK, 2m
  • BEWILDERING FOLLIES, Sasha Userdnaja, UK, 4m
  • AFTER PARTY, Sam Brewster, UK, 4m
  • KNIGHTS OF THE REALM, John Hardwick, UK, 10m
  • DALSTONIAN, Will Webb, UK, 13m
  • LITTLE RIVER RUN, Ed Skrein, UK, 15m
  • BACKSEAT DRIVER, Richard Peppiatt, UK, 8m
  • AUDITION, Zhizi Hao, UK, 4m
  • LONDONSTANI, Nirpal Bhoghal, UK, 14m

Sunday 13 January 2019 4.00pm, Curzon Soho.

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London Short Film Festival 2019 Blue Monday at Curzon Soho

Competition: Blue Monday Adv 18

Bad day? That’s nothing in comparison to this lot. Whether finding themselves lured into the jaws of loan sharks or lost for purpose in the industrial relics of Scotland, these characters must pool their inner strength to overcome life’s myriad obstacles.

  • BLUE CHRISTMAS, Charlotte Wells, UK, 15m
  • MOTHERING, Lucy Bridger, UK, 14m
  • HOLD, Christopher O'Donnell, UK, 13m
  • RED HILL, Laura Carreira, UK, 13m
  • JERK, Raine Allen Miller, UK, 9m
  • FACING IT, Sam Gainsborough, UK, 8m
  • LANDSHARKS, Aaron Dunleavy, UK, 15m

Monday 14 January 2019 6.30pm.

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London Short Film Festival 2019 Do You Really Want to Hurt Me at Curzon Soho

Competition: Do You Really Want to Hurt Me Adv 18

These characters face off against injustices both systemic and singular, buffering against structures of power and odds stacked against them. Mothers and daughters confront old family traditions, whilst young boys dare to dream beyond the confines of the world's largest e-waste dump. Watch out for Anthony Welsh (Starred Up, Top Boy) and veteran Spitting Image comedian John Sessions in the latest from Lily Cole.

  • KOFI & LARTEY, Sasha Rainbow, UK, 20m
  • BALLS, Lily Cole, UK, 13m
  • CIRCLE, Jayisha Patel, UK, 14m
  • SEED, Josh Feder, UK, 12m
  • THE THIRD SORROW, Myriam Raja, UK, 11m
  • PICKING UP THE PIECES, Sebastian Feehan/Josh Bamford, UK, 7m
  • COUNTY LINES, Henry Blake, UK, 21m

Tuesday 15 January 2019 6.30pm.

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London Short Film Festival 2019 It Takes a Muscle at Curzon Soho

Competition: It Takes a Muscle Adv 18

A psychosomatic workout for all the senses mixing animation, moving image, prose and performance. 2018 Jarman Award nominee Larry Achiampong pieces through fragments of neglected colonial histories, whilst Cait Lyn Adamson’s fever dream female gaze reveals one young girl's burgeoning sexuality. These shorts are doing something at the cusp of the cerebral and the visceral.

  • RELIC 1, Larry Achiampong, UK, 14m
  • INANIMATE, Lucia Bulgheroni, UK, 9m
  • IN THE FALL, Tom Gentle, UK, 16m
  • LANDLINE, Matt Houghton, UK, 12m
  • HELL HATH NO FURIE, Kitty Faingold, UK, 7m
  • TO BE A TORERO, Inma de Reyes, UK, 14m
  • SOME GIRLS, Cait Lyn Adamson, UK, 19m

Wednesday 16 January 2019 6.30pm.

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London Short Film Festival 2019 Fade To Grey at Curzon Soho

Competition: Fade To Grey Adv 18

Bright lights sadly fade, whether it be selfhood eroded in the face of daily racist abuse or Blackpool looking to a future of collective anxieties and Brexit parochialism. This programme looks to memory, nostalgia and that fading of something special in a world that makes forgetting all too easy. Featuring cult hit doc Black Sheep.

  • ISHA, Christopher Manning, UK, 14m
  • BLACK SHEEP, Ed Perkins, UK, 27m
  • MERCURY, Kyla Simone Bruce, UK, 14m
  • SALAM, Claire Fowler, UK, 14m
  • WAITING, Anthony Hett, UK, 12m
  • NORTHERN LIGHTS, Chris Paul Daniels, UK, 14m

Thursday 17 January 2019 6.30pm.

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London Short Film Festival 2019 Acting the Part at Curzon Soho

Acting the Part Adv 18

Behind the masks we hide behind and into the personas that make us feel the most us. We look to the disconnect between body and owner, clashes of culture and identity, crises of confidence and those with a flair for performance. Featuring Neil Maskell (Humans), the real-life soul musician Geno Washington talking about his early life and the latest from Amrou Al-Kadhi.

  • LAKSH, Jennifer Rosen, UK, 25m
  • ANEMONE, Amrou Al-Kadhi, UK, 18m
  • ENTITLED, Adeyemi Michael, UK, 4m
  • SHE DANCES, Rik Burnell/Joe Wheatley, UK, 9m
  • LITTLE MONSTER, Charlotte Regan, UK, 4m
  • ROUGHHOUSE, Jonathan Hodgson, UK, 16m
  • BEASTS, Chris Lee/Sam Pilling/Paul Storrie, UK, 5m
  • 78 ON 79th., Lyle Lindgren, UK, 5m
  • OH, GENO!, Onyinye Egenti, UK, 10m

Friday 18 January 2019 6.30pm.

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London Short Film Festival 2019 Crossed Wires at Curzon Soho

Crossed Wires Adv 18

The short films here are about the things unsaid and figurative walls put up as communication between people falls apart. Catch Julia Deakin (Spaced, Shaun of the Dead) and the directorial debut of actress Maxine Peake (Funny Cow, The Theory of Everything).

  • MY FATHER THE MARTYR, Harris Alvi, UK, 15m
  • TIME AWAY, Maxine Peake, UK, 14m
  • THE INVADER’S SONG, Emma Swinton, UK, 13m
  • MAUSOLEUM, Jamie Luke Milligan, UK, 6m
  • RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, Cecilia Stenbom, UK, 22m
  • OUR KIND OF LOVE, Elham Ehsas/Azeem Bhati, UK, 16m
  • WE WERE THREE, Caroline Ingvarsson, Sweden, 10m

Saturday 19 January 2019 4.00pm.

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London Short Film Festival 2019 Awards Winners

Award Winners Adv 18

A chance to see all the winning films from this year’s LSFF in one programme. See LSFF 2019’s Best UK and International short films, and many more fresh from Awards glory!

Full programme announced on Sunday 20th January 2019.

Sunday 20 January 2019 3.15pm

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