London Short Film Festival 2020

London Short Film Festival is now finished for 2020. Hope you had a fantastic short film time and we'll see you next year when we go again!

London Short Film Festival is a celebration of ground-breaking talent, alternative filmmaking, music and art.

Now in its 17th year, the festival has rapidly become the destination for independent film fans, industry luminaries and the best new creative talent from the UK and abroad.

What's on this year?

New shorts: A Winter's Matinee of Romantic Films

91mins | cert 18

Baby, it’s cold outside! From strange corners and hopeless places, a programme of uncynical and unconventional love stories.

Indulge in the naïveté of puppy love, tender queer autobiography, tricksy triangles and the turmoil of unrequited affections. We’ve got sweet and sometimes sour sojourns from Belle & Sebastian-infused ‘80s Glasgow to earth-orbiting satellites, with animated grandpas falling head over heels at first sight and romance transcending language back in London.

  • The Purple Video, Halina Kliem, Germany, 4’
  • Darkest Valentine, Kathrin Steinbacher, UK, 3’
  • Rushes, Benedict Cohen, UK, 6’
  • Square One, Emily Jo Sargent, UK, 12’
  • Olve, Andrew Tyman, UK, 10’
  • Space Flower, Pam Covington, USA, 13’
  • Absence, Alex Goddard, UK, 2’
  • sometimes, i think about dying, Stefanie Abel Horowitz, USA, 13’
  • Jealous Alan, Martin Clark, UK, 16’
  • A Friend, Christopher Simon, UK, 7’
  • Grandad was a romantic, Maryam Mohajer, UK, 5’

This programme contains reference to suicide.

Saturday 11th January 4.00pm | Curzon Soho.


New shorts: Visions of Albion

96mins | cert 18

From the “listening ears” of Dungeness, through the industrial districts of Manchester, and back down to the Essex coastline reimagined à la Éric Rohmer, these shorts survey the state of our small island.

Through the lens of British filmmakers, the fall-out of misplaced confidences and simmering anxieties reveals itself, asking questions of how we might now define Britishness and our individual senses of national identity. With performances from homegrown actors Kate Hardie (National Treasure) and Tim Plester (Bohemian Rhapsody), and new work from documentarians Duncan Cowles and Ross Hogg.

  • Bellmouth, Joe Roberts, UK, 16’
  • Finger’s Crossed, Sacha Teulon, UK, 13’
  • Stock, Naqqash Khalid, UK, 21’
  • Conte Anglais, Daniel Marc Janes, UK, 15’
  • Sonic Cemetery, Isaac Magner, UK, 3’
  • All The Trimmings, Thomas Edwards, UK, 17’
  • Just Agree Then, Duncan Cowles/Ross Hogg, UK, 9’

Sunday 12th January, 3.30pm | Curzon Soho.


New shorts: Outer Limits

97mins | cert 18

A generous helping of twists and turns, paranormal activity and the phantasmagorical. Embrace the unknowable with grotesque mermaids, black holes opening up in old lady’s living rooms, narratives caught in unbearable time loops and sentient sculptures fleeing the Louvre.

From the outright supernatural to subtler hints at the surreal, catch new work from Gabriel Abrantes (Diamantino) and the directorial debut of Beyond Clueless producer Anthony Ing. With turns from Gerard Kearns (Shameless), Joe Absolom (Doc Martin) and Jessica Gunning (Pride).

  • Boy Gets Eaten, Sebastian Lagerkvist, Norway, 25’
  • The Mermaid of Mevagissey, Luc Mollinger, UK, 18’
  • In Full Bloom, Maegan Houang, USA, 11’
  • The Devil’s Harmony, Dylan Holmes Williams, UK, 15’
  • The Gallery, Anthony Ing, UK, 8’
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of the Stone Lady, Gabriel Abrantes, Portugal, 20’

This programme contains violent imagery.

Monday 13 January 6.45pm | Curzon Soho.


New Shorts: In Motion

97mins | cert 18

The destination falls into obscurity with this programme of journeys: sometimes poignant, sometimes thrilling, and sometimes dangerous.

Take rides through a remote Norwegian village where mysterious tyre tracks tease out controversy, and a stark Eastern Serbia where father-son relationships are pushed to their limits.

Changes of scenery reveal interior transformations with buddies on the move through sun drenched California and bonfire night on the British coast. Featuring works from names to watch out for, Dazed 100 listee Lucy Luscombe (Blood Orange - High Street) and Locarno alumni Stefanie Kolk (Harbour).

  • Eyes on the Road, Stefanie Kolk, Netherlands, 17’
  • Untitled (burned rubber on asphalt, 2018), Tinja Ruusuvuori, Finland, 20’
  • Treacle, Rosie Westhoff, UK, 18’
  • The Last Image of Father, Stefan Djordjevic, Serbia, 20’
  • PAGANS, Lucy Luscombe, UK, 22’

Tuesday 14 January 6.45pm | Curzon Soho.


New shorts: London Lives

92mins | cert 18

Fiction bleeds into biography as we find ourselves behind the closed doors of London’s cultural melting pot.

Steering us from North to South, these films chart the precarious adventure of making it in our fair capital. Below the river masculinity is tested by a simple smile, whilst faith and family harmonize in an African East End community struck by grief. In Chinatown we find masseuses with secrets, whilst elsewhere hook-ups thrive into romance in the face of HIV stigma.

With turns from Ben Aldridge (Our Girl) and Karla Crome (Misfits).

  • Nobody’s Darling, Sophia Carr-Gomm, UK, 15’
  • Talk to Leon, Murat Gökmen, UK, 14’
  • Appreciation, Tomisin Adepeju, UK, 15’
  • THE MOLE, Yiling Ding, UK, 3’
  • Mahon Chorizo Avocado, Edward Smyth, UK, 7’
  • Serious Tingz, Abdou Cisse, UK, 3’
  • THRIVE, Jamie Di Spirito, UK, 17’
  • 3 Sleeps, Christopher Holt, UK, 19’

Wedneday 15 January 6.45pm | Curzon Soho.



The Guardian Shorts: Dramas From a Divided Union

48mins + Q&A | cert 18

Thirty years on from the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rise of liberal democracy, the European Union now faces new challenges. While British politics is dominated by a divisive Brexit, what are the themes consuming other EU countries and how have their unique histories defined their relationship to the union?

The Guardian and Headlong Theatre have co-produced a political monologue series directed by Amy Hodge, commissioning seven writers from across Europe to write intimate fictional scripts, performed in their original language. Followed by a reading of the UK script and a panel discussion with The Guardian and the creative team.

  • Poland: 'Borders', Jacub Żulczyk, performed by Jacek Koman, 2019, 7’
  • Sweden: 'Top of the Class', Jonas Jonasson, performed by Victor Akerblom, 2019, 5’
  • Germany: 'Neanderthal', Marius von Mayenburg, performed by Robert Beyer, 2019, 8’
  • Ireland: 'Donnú Bréige', Lisa McInerney, performed by Evanna Lynch, 2019, 5’
  • Spain: 'Terra Firma', Blanca Doménech, performed by Paula Iwasaki, 2019, 7’
  • France: 'One Right Answer', Alice Zeniter, performed by Sabrina Ouazani, 2019, 8’
  • UK: 'Dim Sum', Clint Dyer, performed by Javone Prince, 2019, 8’

Thursday 16 January 6.45pm | Curzon Soho.


New shorts: Gothic!

95mins | cert 18

From the genre playbook of Du Maurier and Mary Shelley, these macabre shorts arouse a pleasing sort of terror, toying with the unsettling, exciting possibility of something ominous in the shadows.

With curiosities from connoisseurs of unease Garth Jennings (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), Mark Jenkin (Bait) and Anna Maguire (Your Mother and I), you’re invited into an uncanny world of ghosts and mystery, with apparitions stalking from Paris to Cornwall, scholars overpowered by dark secrets and obsessive hole diggers.

  • It’s Nothing, Anna Maguire, Canada, 17’
  • Pond, Tyler Macri, USA, 14’
  • O Hunter Heart, Carla Mackinnon, UK, 8’
  • Hard, Cracked The Wind, Mark Jenkin, UK, 18’
  • Backwoods, Ryan Mackfall, UK, 15’
  • Madame, Garth Jennings, France, 23’

This programme contains violent and bloody imagery.

Friday 17 January 6.45pm | Curzon Soho.


New Shorts: Music Video

87mins | cert 18

A new and dedicated programme for LSFF 2020 brings together diverse music videos from across the globe, showcasing original conceptual direction and emotive cinematic narratives. Highlights include FKA Twigs, Rosalía and Four Tet with stories of love, loss and the digital age. Guest-programmed by Tash Tung.

  • RosalÍa - De AquÍ No Sales, Diana Kunst/Mau Morgó, Spain, 3’
  • Sissy Fatigue, Olivia Norris, Jackie Pratt & Gonnerheous Reese, Oscar Oldershaw & Joseph Campbell, and Koshir Regular, UK, 6’
  • Bree Runway - Big Racks ft. Brooke Candy, Fred Rowson, UK, 4’
  • Kid Kapichi - Death Dips, James Green, UK, 4’
  • Loyle Carner - Ottolenghi Ft. Jordan Rakei, Oscar Hudson, UK, 4’
  • Obongjayar - Never Change, Duncan Loudon, UK, 4’
  • The Hour - Wasted, Ben Strebel, UK, 4’
  • Slaves - One More Day Won’t Hurt, Will Hooper, UK, 4’
  • Tengo John - Hyakutake, Lenny Grosman & Paume, France, 4’
  • OrelSan - Discipline, Adrien Lagier/Ousmane Ly, France, 3’
  • Stealing Sheep - Show Love, Gyuri Cloe Lee, South Korea, 4’
  • alice__alice, Rhona Foster, UK, 5’
  • Benny Sings - Not Enough, Bear Damen, Netherlands, 3’
  • Father ft. Kwabs - Velvet, Iggy LDN, UK, 5’
  • James Blake ft. Rosalía - Barefoot in the Park, Diana Kunst/Mau Morgó, UK, 4’
  • Leifur James - Wurlitzer, Balázs Simon, Hungary, 5’
  • FKA twigs - Cellophane, Andrew Thomas Huang, UK, 5’
  • Lucinda Chua - Semitones, Tash Tung, UK, 5’
  • EDEN - 909, Zhang & Knight, UK, 5’
  • Four Tet - Teenage Birdsong, Joanna Nordahl, UK, 6’
  • Apparat - Heroist, Matilda Finn, UK, 7’

Saturday 18 January 6.00pm | Curzon Soho.


New shorts: Award Winners

Runtime TBC | cert 18

A chance to see all the competition winners from this year’s festival in one programme. See LSFF 2020’s Best UK, Best International and more fresh from awards glory. Running order TBC post-LSFF 2020 Awards!

Sunday 19 January 3.00pm | Curzon Soho.