ROH Live 2019-20: Coppélia

ROH Live 2019-20: Coppélia

de Valois' (after Ivanov and Cecchetti) Coppélia

Marianela Nuñez | Vadim Muntagirov | Gary Avis Choreography: Ninette de Valois after Lev Ivanov and Enrico Cecchetti Music: Léo Delibes

A classic returns to The Royal Ballet repertory with Ninette de Valois’ charming and funny Coppélia – a story of love, mischief and mechanical dolls.

The intricate choreography is set to Delibes’ delightful score and shows off the technical precision and comedic timing of the whole Company.

Osbert Lancaster’s designs bring a colourful storybook world to life in this Christmas treat for the whole family.

Cast and running time subject to change.




Marianela Nuñez, Vadim Muntagirov, Gary Avis

Running Time:

150 minutes


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