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Members Previews: Knives Out

Taking a break from helming Star Wars, director Rian Johnson convenes a ridiculous collection of stars in the drawing room for this foul-mouthed and bloody reimagining of an Agatha Christie-style murder mystery.

Crime author Harlan (Christopher Plummer) gathers his family at his country pile for his eighty-fifth birthday. However, he doesn’t live to see the celebration, having apparently committed suicide. Yet detective Benoit (Daniel Craig) is dubious, and sets out to unpick the family’s long-held grudges to find the culprit.

With everyone from Toni Collette to Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lakeith Stanfield and Michael Shannon, the deck is stacked with incredible talent to deliver on the script’s acid comedy. Wit sharpened to a point, Knives Out will keep you guessing (and laughing) to the final revelation.

Members Previews

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Monday 25 November, Aldgate | Canterbury | Colchester | Knutsford | Oxford | Sheffield | Victoria | Wimbledon

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