Birds of Passage introduction + live art from Vane MG

A gripping tale of narcos set among Colombia’s Wayúu people, Birds of Passage spans three decades of a family pushed to the brink by the drug trade.

With the epic breadth of The Godfather, this is a mind-altering journey into nature unlike anything you’re likely to have seen before.

Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra follow up their Oscar-nominated Embrace of the Serpent with an unusually clear-eyed and empathetic depiction of indigenous peoples and the impact of outside forces upon them.

Reclaim the Frame event with Birds Eye View

Birds of Passage is the ninth film in Birds Eye View’s 'Reclaim The Frame' project, backed by the British Film Institute; a mission to bring ever-greater audiences to films by women to build a more balanced film future and offer cinema fans wider perspectives of the world.

Join Birds Eye View for for a specialist extended introduction hosted by Birds Eye View's director-at-large, Mia Bays (an Oscar winning producer and agitator with 30 years' experience in film) and Dr. William Rowlandson (Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at Uni of Kent). William teaches Latin American cultural history, with a current particular interest in the Colombian-Panamanian-US narco trade in the 80s.

The screening will be followed by live art from Colombian artist Vane MG (the first artist in the world to have painted inside the walls of Kew Gardens) in the Curzon Canterbury bar.

This event took place on Wednesday 15 May at Curzon Canterbury.

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