DocDays: 1000 Londoners - Windrush Generations (12A)

The multi-award winning 1000 Londoners project presents a brand new collection of documentary portraits: Windrush Generations.

1000 Londoners presents short films that dip into the lives of Londoners with Caribbean heritage, from those who arrived in the city in the 40s and 50s, to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The stories are the life of black Londoners in the post-Windrush years.

The films include:

Jocelyn - the story of the equality campaigner who persuaded shops on Oxford Street to let Black women work on the shop floor.

Alex & Joyce - in which a ground-breaking BBC journalist and his wife reminisce about interviews with Bob Marley, Mohammed Ali and more.

Sara - which follows one of the leaders of the Windrush protests as she campaigns in Parliament Square.

1000 Londoners is a unique digital portrait of our city. Over ten years, the Chocolate Films flagship project portrays 1000 people who consider themselves to be Londoners, taking in all ages, religions, race, income, interests and opinions.

Docdays screening followed by a Q&A with Rachel Wang and members of the Windrush Generation.

Wednesday 5 December 6.45pm

Curzon Soho

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With thanks to Chocolate Films.