DocDays: The Street + Q&A

As the glinting steel and mirror-glass skyscrapers of London's financial district edge ever closer, the area surrounding Hoxton Street has been transformed by 'luxury' redevelopments and sky-high property prices.

This East London street, less than a mile from the City of London, has become the last bastion of the area's traditional communities.

Following its residents over a four-year period, capturing the impact of gentrification, years of austerity and the eruption of Brexit on their daily lives, Zed Nelson's feature-length debut is a tragicomic portrait of not just a street but a nation on the cusp of change.

DocDays screening

Director Zed Nelson joins us for a post-screening Q&A, hosted by Nick Perry (Hackney Society).

Friday 6 March 6.30pm | Curzon Soho.

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