The Farewell + Q&A with lead actor Awkwafina

Billi (Awkwafina) is called back from New York to her native China because her beloved grandmother is facing her last days. Yet, in accordance with tradition, this news is kept from the matriarch herself.

Keeping up the pretence of a family wedding while reconnecting and grieving, we follow Billi on a funny, deeply moving exploration of the meaning of home and family.

Awkwafina steps outside her brash persona – having proved herself a scene stealer in Crazy Rich Asians – to deliver a layered performance that marks her out as a serious dramatic talent.

One of the most popular independent films of the year, Lulu Wang's The Farewell will gently crack your heart in two and then pull it back together.

Q&A screening

Lead actor Awkwafina joins us for a post-screening Q&A. SOLD OUT.

Monday 30 September 6.20pm | Curzon Soho.

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