The Flood + prerecorded Q&A with Lena Headey

Wendy (Lena Headey), a hardened immigration officer is offered a high-profile asylum case, judged on her ability to quickly and clinically reject applicants. Through her interrogation, she must uncover whether Haile (Ivanno Jeremiah) is lying and has a more sinister reason for seeking asylum.

We follow Haile on his perilous 5,000 kilometre journey over oceans, across borders, and amidst the flurry of the Calais Jungle to find solace and safety in the UK. But now he must cross the final hurdle. Based on multiple true stories, The Flood is a thoughtful and timely reflection on the humanity within the refugee crisis.

Special event screening with recorded Q&A footage

Join us for a special event, co-hosted with Human Rights Watch during Refugee Week, featuring a recorded Q&A with director Anthony Woodley, star Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) and experts on the refugee crisis.

This event took place on Monday 17 June 2019.

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