Enthusiasms #4K: The Last Movie (15) + Introduction from Iain Sinclair

The Last Movie follows a Hollywood movie crew in the midst of making a western in a remote Peruvian village. When production wraps, stuntman Kansas remains, attempting to find redemption in the isolation of Peru and the arms of a former sex worker. Meanwhile, the local indigenous Peruvians have taken over the abandoned set and begun to stage a ritualistic re-enactment of the production - with Kansas as their sacrificial lamb.

Among the most storied productions of the New Hollywood Era, writer-director and star Hopper was given carte blanche by Universal for his next directorial feature after the tremendous commercial success of Easy Rider. He literally took the money and ran, staging The Last Movie in Peru at farthest remove from the Hollywood machine, with an on-screen entourage in tow that included Kris Kristofferson, Julie Adams, Stella Garcia, Peter Fonda, Dean Stockwell, Toni Basil, Russ Tamblyn and Michelle Phillips.

Although it won a CIDALC award at the 1971 Venice Film Festival, The Last Movie would effectively end Hopper’s career for many years - the Hollywood establishment gleefully writing him off as a self-indulgent maverick. Yet the movie remains thrillingly innovative and remarkably contemporary - as this new digital transfer - scanned at 4K from the 35mm original camera negative - can attest.

Enthusiasms screening + Introduction

Writer and filmmaker Iain Sinclair joins us to introduce this 4K digital restoration of The Last Movie.

Sunday 9 December 3.00pm, Curzon Soho.

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