LSFF 2018: Skin Thick, Too Tough

LSFF 2018: Skin Thick, Too Tough

Competition. How do you deal with the shit life throws at you? Are we prepared for those difficult situations that come from unexpected angles?

What doesn’t break you makes you stronger; These powerful shorts take us from the refugee camp in Calais, to the tough streets of Athens as a young Palestinian tries to survive, to the so-called hate-preachers hounded by the British media.

Laws of the Game 17mins Aegina Brahim

Work 13mins Aneil Karia

A Drowning Man 15mins Mahdi Fleifel

Unspeakable 23mins Kate Stonehill

True North 8mins George Bowler

Aamir 17mins Vika Evdokimenko


Aegina Brahim, Aneil Karia, Mahdi Fleifel, Kate Stonehill, George Bowler, Vika Evdokimenko



Running Time:

93 minutes


Advised 18
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