Canada Now 2019: The Fireflies Are Gone

Canada Now 2019: The Fireflies Are Gone

On the verge of her high school graduation, a brilliant, high-spirited young 18 year-old woman named Léo can’t wait to get out of her drab small town in Quebec’s hinterland.

Tired of her mother’s nagging, her stepfather’s relentless and reactionary right wing opinions, and her absent father who lives and works far, far away, Léo is restless, alienated and bored. She’s also weary of adults telling her what is best for her future.

All of Léo’s ennui and frustration changes, however, when she meets Steve, a quietly charismatic 30-something guitar teacher who still lives in town in his mother’s basement. Taking guitar lessons from Steve proves to be a catalyst for change for Léo, and their growing, unlikely friendship will transform them both forever.

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Sébastien Pilote


Karelle Tremblay, Pierre-Luc Brillant, François Papineau

Running Time:

96 minutes


Advised 15
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