Irene's Ghost

Irene's Ghost

DocDays screening

Director Iain Cunningham joins us for a post-screening Q&A.

Wednesday 19 June 6.30pm Curzon Oxford.

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With thanks to Together Films.

Irene's Ghost is the story of a son finding the truth of the mother he never knew.

When Iain's child is born, he is forced to confront his own early life; His mother Irene died when he was three, leaving only fragmentary memories and silence from his father. Now he must confront what has been hidden.

Told through beautiful animations, this deeply personal documentary tells a heartbreaking story of recovering a lost life that will strike a powerful, universal chord.


Iain Cunningham


Duncan Cunningham, Iain Cunningham, Isla Cunningham

Running Time:

81 minutes


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