LEAFF: Familyhood (Q&A)

LEAFF: Familyhood (Q&A)

Plus Q&A with director Kim Tae-gon.

Go Ju-yeon (Hyesoo Kim) is a self-centered diva who always gets what she wants. But she’s in her 40s and her career is going downhill.

She wants to settle down with her young boyfriend but he’s a rookie actor who’s only interested in taking advantage of her fame, cheating behind her back.

Discovering this, she realises that she needs someone who will always be on her side: her own baby. Devastatingly, she learns that she has reached menopause already. When she comes across a pregnant teenager at the hospital, Ju-yeon makes an offer that she cannot refuse.


Kim Tae-gon



Running Time:

120 minutes


Cert TBC
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