Queerbee: Identity (Short Film Programme)

Queerbee: Identity (Short Film Programme)

QueerBee is a brand new platform for LGBTQI+ shorts, established to help queer filmmakers bring authentic queer stories directly to new audiences. It launches with a programme exploring ‘identity’.

When we know ourselves to be something entirely different from the available models of gender, sexuality and love, our identities often take us into unmapped territories and place us at odds with the world. From animation to period drama to fantasy, these shorts give full form to lives rarely seen on screen.

The screening is followed by a Q&A with directors Jake Graf and Louise Marie Cooke, with Jac Nunns and Angie West from QueerBee, hosted by Ingo Cando of Wotever World.

At QueerBee we believe short film is a genre; short film makers are not only on a journey to another place. As a minority group – collectively LGBTQI+ – the representation of ourselves in mainstream viewing is less than representative. In addition to this sorry state of affairs, our characters and storylines - where they exist at all – often perpetuate the mainstream stereotypes at the expense of more authentic voices. Queer shorts provide an excellent means of connecting with one another, validating our lived experiences, helping to change attitudes, improve confidence in individuals and our communities and break down barriers.

QueerBee is an LGBTQI+ Community Interest Company registered with Social Enterprise UK (9851) and Cinema For All. A share of the profits is directed back into queer filmmaking and for hard-to-reach queer audiences.





Running Time:

84 minutes


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